NeoraFit (US & CA) 

    1. 1. NeoraFit System available to PCs in US and CA (NFR) from Jan 8 

         New PC and existing PC (via LTO) 


    1. 2. NeoraFit Challenge  

                For US and CA 


  1.   Machine generated alternative text: NEORA GETFIT CHALLENGE Challenge starts January 8th! A 90-DAY LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE Entry Guidelines: Your Story: 1-2 paragraphs explaining your goals, lifestyle changes and results "Before and After" measurements. PHOTOS • Neutral background preferred (white wall is best) • Take both photos from the same angle and using the same lighting • Do not place the camera too close so the photo does not become blurry • Use the same clothes in both photos • Do not add any text to the photos or do any editing (like adding frames)  

Machine generated alternative text: NEORA GETFIT CHALLENGE Challenge starts January 8th! PRIZES First: Peloton@ Bike Second: $500 gift card to Home Chef Third: Fitbit@

Machine generated alternative text: NC-ORA GETFIT CHALLENGE Neora GetFit Challenge FAQ Q: WHAT IS THE NEORA CHALLENGE? The Neora GetFit Challenge is a contest that allows users to submit their store, before and after photos, and before and after A: measurements showcasing the resu Its they experienced after using NeoraFit products for a period of approximately 90 days. Three winners will be selected at the end of the contest period. There will be a grand prize winner, second place winner and third place win ner, Winners receive a prize based on the level Of award they won. Q: WHAT IS THE NEORA CETFIT CHALLENGE CONTEST PERIOD? The Neora GetFit Challenge is from January 8, 2021 through April 30, 2021 at 11:59PM CT. A: Q: WHO'S ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NEORA GETFIT CHALLENGE? The Neora GetFit Challenge is open to Brand partners, preferred Customers and Retail Customers within the united States and A: Canada only (excluding Quebec) who are using the NeoraFit products. (You don't have to be enrolled in any Neora programs to enter.) WILL THE NEORA GETFIT CHALLENGE BE OPEN TO ANY OTHER MARKETS? Q: At the moment there are no plans to open the Neora GetFit Challenge to any other markets. A: Q: WHAT ARE THE RULES OF THE NEORA CHALLENGE? 1. Participants must reside in the United States or Canada (excluding Quebec) to be eligible to enter the challenge. A: 2. Participants must be at least 18 years old to enter the challenge. 3. Participants can only enter one product challenge per contest period. 4. Participants must sign up for the GetFit Challenge. 5. Participants must use NeoraFit supplements and adopt Slight Edge habits for 90 days. 6. Participants must submit the original 'before' and 'after' images and measurements. The submitted images must not be altered in any way, aside from cropping and/or rotating. The image must also be owned by the person submitting it. 7. No purchase is necessary to enter or win the Neora GetFit Challenge. 8. A panel selected by Neora will determine the winners, and the winners will be announced approximately two (2) weeks after the end of the contest period. 9. Winners will be solely responsible for any taxes, custom duties and/or shipping of their prizes. 10. dy submitting your photos, measurements and story, you understand that the images and content you bmit become the sole property' of Neara and that Neora is free to use both your images and story however it sees fit, as well as share them with its vendors and affiliates. Q: IF I'VE ALREADY ENTERED ANOTHER CHALLENGE KNOWN AS THE "90-DAY CHALLENGE," CAN I ENTER THE NEW GETFIT CHALLENGE? Yes. Q: HOW MANY CONTESTS CAN I ENTER? Participants can enter as many contests as they would like. However, participants can only enter once per contest period. A: Q: DO I HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR THE NEORA GETFIT CHALLENGE IF I ALREADY CREATED AN ACCOUNT ON THE "90- DAY CHALLENGE" WEBSITE? Yes. This is a new site. So, any participant who wishes to register for the GetFit Challenge will need to sign up for the GetFit A: Challenge at All submissions and information that was previously submitted for the 90-Day Challenge will not transfer, nor will it be used for the Neora GetFit Challenge. Q: DO I HAVE TO USE THE NEORAFIT SYSTEM IN ORDER TO ENTER THE NEORA GETFIT CHALLENGE? Participants who are entering into the Neora GetFit Challenge can only enter with the NeoraFit Weight Management & Wellness A: System and no Other products.  

Machine generated alternative text: NFORA GETFIT CHALLENGE Neora GetFit Challenge FAQ Q: WHAT IS THE NEORAGETFIT CHALLENGE DEADLINE? The challenge deadline is April 30, 2021 at 11:59PM CT. Your submission must be completed on or before this date and time. A: Q: HOW ARE THE WINNERS DECIDED? Winners will be decided by a panel chosen by Neora. Q: HOW AND WHEN WILL WINNERS BE NOTIFIED? The winners will be notified via email no later than 14 business days after the close of the contest period. A: HOW MUCH DOES EACH WINNER RECEIVE? Q: This challenge will have three winners: Grand prize Winner, Second Place Winner and Third place Winner. The prizes are as follows: - Grand Prize Winner: Peloton8 Bike - 2nd Place: S5D0 Home Chef Gift Card - 3rd Place: Fitbit@Versa 2w Smartwatch Q: HOW WILL I RECEIVE MY PRIZE AND WHEN WILL RECEIVE IT? The winners of the Neora GetFit Challenge will be emailed and a physical mailing address will be requested The prize will A: deliver to the address that is no more than 30 days after notification. Q: IF I DON'T WIN A CHALLENGE, CAN I ENTER ANOTHER ONE? Yes. An applicant who doesn't win a particular challenge can enter a different challenge should they choose to do so. Q: IF I DIDN'T WIN A CHALLENGE, CAN I USE THE SAME IMAGES I USED FORA PREVIOUS CHALLENGE FOR MY NEW CHALLENGE? Yes, you can resubmit the same images for as many challenges as you'd like. Q: DO I NEED TO TAKE MY BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES EXACTLY 90 DAYS APART? To showcase the best results, it is strongly encouraged that the 'before' picture be taken BEFORE using NeoraFit products and A: then go days after daily use of NeoraFit products. However, you will not be disqualified if ycu enter after fewer than go days of usage. Q: SHOULD I SUBMIT MY BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES AT THE SAME TIME? Yes, please submit all 'before' and 'after' pictures at the same time on the GetFit Challenge website A: ( by selecting the SUBMIT MY RESULTS button and uploading them. Q: CAN I REGISTER FOR THE CHALLENGE/SUBMIT RESULTS ON BEHALF OF SOMEONE ELSE? No, the person that wants to register for the GetFit cha Ilenge is the one that must submit their entry and their results. A: A challenge submission cannot be completed on behalf of another individual.