Individual NeoraFit products will not be available. In addition to the NeoraFit System, we will have the following bundles available to BP and PCs:  

NEW NC-ORAFITMBUNDLES NOW AVAILABLE! NEORAFIT SET + EXTRA SLIM+SKIN BP ADO: $165 USD 1 39% OFF RETAIL pc ADO: $180 USD | OFF RETAIL QV 165 NEORAFIT SET + EXTRA BLOCK+BALANCE BP ADO: $160 USD 1 OFF RETAIL pc ADO: $175 USD 1 OFF RETAIL QV160 NEORAFIT SET + EXTRA SLIM+SKIN & BLOCK+BALANCE BP ADO: $200 USD 141% OFF RETAIL pc ADO: $220 USD 1 35% OFF RETAIL QV 200 Available for existing Brand Partner and Preferred Customer Auto-Delivery Orders only participating Markets: US/CAINFR)