Simultaneous Interests

Q:   Can I enroll as a Brand Partner and as a Business Entity? 

A:  No, Brand Partners cannot hold two separate agreements as this is considered as Simultaneous Interests. (Reference section 1.07 Simultaneous Interests of the P&Ps)


Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Trusts

Q: Can I enroll a Business Entity as a brand partner?

A: Yes, you must complete and submit a Business Entity Registration form, to our Customer Service department. However, you cannot enroll as a business, and as an individual. (Reference Section 1.07 Simultaneous and Section 1.08 Corporations, Partnerships, LLC and Trusts of the P&P’s)


Married Couples

Q: Can spouses have 2 separate accounts?

A: No, married couples are considered one entity, including preferred customer accounts. For example, it is considered a violation if an individual has a Brand Partner account, and their spouse has a preferred customer account, or, if both have Brand Partner accounts. (Reference Section 1.06 Married Couples of the P&Ps)


Prohibited Online Sales – Third-Party Marketplaces (i.e., eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, Walmart, etc.)

Q:   What should we do when we see someone selling Neora products on sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart Marketplace, etc.?

A: Selling on sites such as Amazon, eBay, or any other third-party marketplace is a strictly prohibited method of promoting and/or selling Neora products. If a Brand Partner is identified selling Neora products on a third-party marketplace, they are subject to immediate suspension, and possible account termination. Should you have information regarding prohibited online sales, please send the information to our Neora Compliance Department at (Reference Section 9.26 Prohibited Online Sales of the P&Ps)

Use of Neora Name

Q:   Can I use “Neora” in my email address, personal websites, Blogs, Google, or Facebook ads etc.?

A:  You must obtain prior approval to use the Neora name or products on your personal websites, blogs, social media accounts, or paid advertisements. The Company’s name, trademarks, service marks, copyrighted materials, and the names of the Company’s products are owned by the Company.  The use of such marks and materials shall be in strict compliance with Neora’s Policies and Procedures. Additionally, using the name Neora, or any Neora product names in your email address is strictly prohibited. (Reference Sections 7.01 Trademarks, 7.05 Print & Electronic Advertising, 7.06 Internet and 7.09 Social Media of the P&Ps


Using the Neora name on social media accounts

Q: Can I use “Neora” in my profile on social media?

A: Yes, when promoting your Neora business you must identify yourself as a Brand Partner (BP), and it must match the same name you have for your Neora website.
ex: Neora BP (Reference Section 7.09 Social Media of the P&Ps)


Event/Booth Request

Q:   As a Brand Partner am I allowed to sell or have a display table at local events, such as health fairs, trade shows and other events of this type?

A: Yes, Brand Partners may participate in such events and must obtain prior approval from Neora’s Compliance Department. Brand Partners must submit all information pertaining to the event at least fourteen (14) business days prior to the event (i.e., name of event, purpose of event, event sponsor, and include the date, time, location, and a link if applicable) The request will be reviewed and if approval is granted Compliance will notify the Brand Partner and record the information in the Brand Partner’s account. The approved Brand Partner is responsible for coordinating with the event organizer to assure that there is only ONE Neora table at any given event. (Reference Section 9.21 Trade Shows of the P&Ps)

Service -Oriented Establishments Product Display

Q:   Why can a Brand Partner that owns a salon or a service-oriented business only have one of each product displayed within their establishment?

A:  Due to Neora’s business model and network marketing industry regulations, Neora products cannot be marketed within any establishment as retail or wholesale products. The owner of the establishment must be an active Brand Partner and is allowed to display one of each product within the establishment. (Reference Sections 9.19 Retail Outlets and 9.20 Service-Oriented Establishments of the P&Ps)

Malls, Kiosks, Flea Markets, Farmers Markets, Garage Sale

Q:   As a Brand Partner am I allowed to sell Neora products at a mall (kiosks or booth), chain retail stores, pharmacies, health food stores, etc.?

A: This business practice is prohibited by the Company’s Policies and Procedures. The integrity of the Company’s marketing plan relies upon person-to-person, one-on-one and in-home presentation sales methods. However, a Brand Partner may refer a potential customer to their Neora website. (Reference Section 9.19 Retail Store Sales Prohibited of the P&Ps)


Registration. Fees, Applications, Licenses, etc. for Booths/Events

Q:  Does Neora help with registration fees, applications, licenses, sales taxes, etc. for events and booth requests?
: No, upon enrollment Brand Partners understand and agree that they are solely responsible for all financial and/or legal obligations incurred to set up their Neora business, including self-employment taxes, income taxes, sales taxes, license fees, and related personal fees. (Reference Section 1.11 Independent Contractor Status of the P&Ps

External Website

Q:   Can I create my own website outside of my Neora site to promote my Neora business?

A:  Yes, however all external sites must be reviewed and approved by the Compliance Department prior to publication (going live).    Submit all content for review and approval to Neora’s Compliance Department at  (Reference Section 7.05 Print and Electronic Advertising & 7.06 Internet of the P&Ps)

Shopping Cart

Q:   Is it ok to have a shopping cart on my external website?

A:   No, this is not permitted. However, Brand Partners can place a link to their Neora website, and this will allow for purchases to be made directly from their Neora website and ensure the Brand Partner will receive the proper credit. (Reference Sections 7.05 Print and Electronic Advertising & 7.06 Internet of the P&Ps)


Legal Age

Q: What is the legal age to join as a Neora Brand Partner or Preferred Customer?
: A participant must be of legal age to enter a contract based on the laws of the state in which the individual resides. (Reference Section 1.04 Legal Age of the P&Ps)


Foreign/International Sales

Q:   Am I allowed to sign up my friends or family to sell Neora if they live in a foreign country where Neora is not authorized to do business? 

A: No.  Brand Partners may only sponsor internationally in countries where Neora is registered to conduct business. (Reference Section 9.22 International Sales of the P&Ps)

Multi-Level Marketing

Q: Can Brand Partners work or promote another Multi-Level Marketing company?
:  Brand Partners are strictly prohibited from promoting or engaging in another direct sales and/or network marketing programs of competitive services or products.   Brand Partners are not restricted from selling other companies’ services and products that are not similar to, or competitive with Neora’s products and services., (Reference Section 11.02 Other Services and Products of the P&Ps)


Car Decals

Q:  Am I able to advertise Neora on my vehicle even if it is not a Neora Luxury Car Bonus option?

A:  Yes, please remember that such advertising must be in strict compliance with Neora’s Policies and Procedures. (Reference Section 7.01 Trademarks of the P&Ps)

Common Address

Q: How many Brand Partners and/or customers can ship to one address?
: No more than three (3) Brand Partners and/or customers may ship Neora products to the same address. (Reference Section 1.05 Common Address of the P&Ps)



Q:  Are we allowed to advertise on TV/Radio?

A:   Brand Partners must obtain prior approval. Brand Partners must submit all information pertaining to the TV/Radio event to the Compliance Department at least fourteen (14) business days prior (i.e., name, purpose, and include the date, time, location, and a link if applicable). Brand Partners may submit their request, in writing to Neora’s Compliance Department at However, there is no guarantee that such event will be approved.