• A statement that implies any level or range of actual or potential earnings for Brand Partners;
  • Any statement made from which a prospective or current Brand Partner could infer that they will earn a certain level or range of income;
  • Any chart, table, calculation that demonstrates POSSIBLE or potential sales, and/or income;
  • Representation that anyone can earn any specific reward, including incentives from the company; and
  • These include lifestyle claims that earnings allow purchases like boats, luxury cars, jewelry, homes, vacations, etc.


Example: Jane Doe is on fire! She just earned her PPC Bonus, earned her 3UrFree by enrolling new customers, and qualified for additional volume for the upcoming incentive trip! Congratulations, Jane, on rocking your business and doing the work to earn these bonuses! 

Example: Benefits of running your own side gig from home: Earn additional Income, earn skincare and wellness products with our 3UR Free program, and join a community of positive goal-getters. 

Example: I am so grateful that my husband and I earned a trip to Cabo with Neora along with 2 other Brand Partners in our downline! We cannot wait to see what is next! *Out of 39,985 Active Brand Partners, 94 earned our incentive trip to Cabo in 2019.



Example: Neora has replaced my full-time income! Ask me how you can do the same! 

Example: If I could teach you how to make a one-time $500 investment (which includes $1000 in products) & turn it into a $500-$1000 (or more) monthly income, would you be interested?!? 

Example: Do you ever have an unexpected expense and think, “how am I going to pay for this?” Maybe a medical bill, or kids’ extracurricular activities or a costly car repair? What could you do with an extra $500 a month, that’s $6k/year, if you made $1k on the side each month, that’s $12k/year, or what about an extra $3k a month on the side, that’s $36k/year!! Neora has changed my family’s lives, and I would love to help you live debit-free and start building financial freedom.

Realistic Results.

Neora requires any income claims made to be based on what the typical person can expect from their participation in the business. This is MODEST SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME.  It does not matter if the claim you are making is true for you or someone else, it still needs to be a realistic and typical expectation.

Be Clear.

Indicate you EARNED something, not Neora gave it to you or paid for it. For example, when talking about your car bonus, use the term “earned” (NOT “free”) and specify it is a “bonus”. Correct:

I earned my Lexus Car Bonus. Incorrect: I am so excited for my FREE Lexus, no more car payments!


Set Practical Expectations.

It takes hard work and determination to build a business. Never guarantee results as not everyone will have the same level of success. Don’t imply that success with Neora is simple or that “anyone can do it”.

Use Proper Disclosures.

When a specific income claim is made it needs to include an Income Disclosure Statement so that the prospective, or current Brand Partner, is fully informed of actual results. The Income Disclosure Statement must be clearly legible and in close proximity to the claim that is made. 

Disclosures are mandatory when making an Income Claim. Disclosures need to be clear, conspicuous, and placed near the claim. Use an asterisk (or other identifying symbol) with both the claim and the disclosure. See the full list of disclosures at https://www.neora.com/Home/legal/earnings-information

Income Claims - Social Media

Q: Can I post income claims on social media?

A: Yes! However, please remember all claims regarding income or the business opportunity must follow Neora's Policies and Procedures. All income claims MUST include the appropriate disclosure statement.