What is a Product Claim?

Statements that a particular product is intended to affect the structure or function of the body, or for a therapeutic purpose such as treating or preventing disease, are subject to regulation as drugs and therefore are prohibited. We encourage you to learn more about Neora’s approved product claims.


When you talk about Neora’s products and their benefits on your skin and health, please follow the guidelines outlined below:

Be Real.

Always be honest. Make sure any claims you make about Neora products are true. Provide additional information when necessary to avoid being misleading and always refer back to the literature provided by the company.

Never Make a Medical or Disease Claim.

Neora products do not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.

Never Guarantee Results.

Everyone is different, and individual results vary. Avoid giving someone the impression that they will achieve the same results as anyone else from using our products.

Use Neora’s Resources.

Only use Neora-approved claims. The best sources for information on any product are the product label, the product information sheet, the product guide and any official Neora marketing materials. Don’t make claims based on third-party sources unless those sources have been expressly approved by Neora.

Avoid Competitor Comparisons.

Focus on the positive benefits from using Neora’s products rather than attempting to denigrate competitors or their products through comparisons.

Use Proper Disclosures.

When a specific claim is made it needs to include a disclosure statement so that the prospective, or current Brand Partner, is fully informed of actual results. The Product Claim must be clearly legible and in close proximity to the claim that is made. Be sure to use proper disclosure statements with all claims.

Product Claims - Social Media

Q: Can I post product claims on social media?

A:  Yes!  However, please remember all product claims must follow Neora's Policies and Procedures and must include the appropriate disclosure statement. 

Disclosures are mandatory when making any Product Claim. Disclosures need to be clear, conspicuous, and placed near the claim. Use an asterisk (or other identifying symbol) with both the claim and the disclosure. See the full list of Neora's approved product disclosure statements in your back office.



Example 1: Did you know that our Youth Factor Complete Vitality Complex can completely heal and repair your damaged cells which will result in the disappearance of wrinkles, while aging backwards! PM for more info!

Example 2: I have suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome for years. Since I started adding Youth Factor in my daily diet I have not had any more trouble with my legs.

Example 3: I am so happy that my friend introduced me to Neora’s Youth Factor Powder, as I was suffering from Gerd’s, Diverticulitis, and hair loss! I can now say I no longer have any of these issues!


Example 1: Neora EHT Brain supplement has been shown to promote and enhance your memory recall, while supporting and helping to maintain bone health and is vegan friendly!

Example 2: Our Youth Factor Complete Vitality promotes moister, bright-looking skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Example 3: Did you know that Neora Youth Factor Superfood powder taken once daily, provides nutrients that helps balance PH levels to keep your body in a less acidic state!